How the body kills the Covid-19 virus.

Enzymes produced digest many things. A daily one is to cleave (cut apart) chains of amino acids that make proteins.

This digestive way of killing germs is a big part of our immune system.

Corona virus, covid-19 shares similarities with:

  • HIV
  • Ebola
  • Sars

They are all cleaved in the same way.

Our immune system is highly dependent on the nitrogen cluster seen in arginine (proteinogenic amino acid).

Germs will form a coating of the amino acid lysine so that one germ dies it releases a vast amount of lysine.

This process is to protect the germ from our immune system.

It happens when lysine (Lys) bonds to arginine rendering the nitrogen cluster in arginine (Arg) inactive.

When formed it appears in a chain as Arg-X-(Arg/Lys) -Arg'. The final Arg is truncated in a cone shape (truncated).

Arg and Lys are the longer amino acids and physically match to make a very comfortable bonding.

The immune system desperately needs to free the arginine.

The Trypsin and Trypsin-like enzyme.

The pancreas makes enzymes based on serine, the serine proteases. These are very large enzymes where the active site is the end of the chain containing a three amino acid chain (peptide) containing Serine-glutamine-Histidine.

The central glutamine has chaining abilities at both ends of the molecule (COOH) and provides higher energy to the peptide.

In a two step fashion the Serine and Histidine bind and cleave the arginine from lysine.

Trypsin and tripsin-like enzymes remain mostly in the circulating fluids, not inside the cell.

They digest germs while outside of our cells based on stimulation by body acids. These can digest germs around the teeth to reduce dental plaque. They also can reduce arterial plaque. Histidine is critical for hemoglobin to hold or store iron. However, the digestion of germs also provides ample amounts of lysine which favors their re-growth.

Our SHUCA amino acid blend contains Serine, Histidine, part of the acronym name, but no lysine.

The Furin type of enzyme.

Trypsin is made in the pancreas for fluid digestion outside of cells.

Furin is made inside the cell to digest proteins (golgi aparatus).

It also targets the Arg/Lys bond to free Arginine in the truncated form Arg-X-(Arg/Lys) -Arg'

Furin is a pro-enzyme so that it can be safely made in the protein based parts of the cell.

Once enhanced it goes to work digesting the lysine from arginine.

The warm blooded mammal body needs arginine.

The germs need lysine for cell wall construction. This concentration gives the germ the ability to nutralize the nitrogen cluster use of arginine when attacking gersm. A number of germs die, break apart, release vast amounts of lysine which binds to arginine and inhibits immune functions that would kill more germs.

Conona (Covid-19), HIV, SARS, Ebola, Marburn, influenza, and dengue fever viruses rely on host furin to provide their ample needs for lysine.

A therapeutic approach would be to inhibit the furin, but at the same time inhibit the immune system.

This is also done in HIV patients where a serine-protease-inhibitor is given to stop the digestive enzyems.

This doesn't kill the virus, just slows it down.

Bottom line, the best way to kill viruses.

Gun powder is made from free-nitrogen, the same way our immune cells use free-nitrogen to bomb the corona virus.

The cluster of nitrogen found in arginine can be stored in protein but not rapidly available when a virus invades us.

The cluster of nitrogen is not found in lysine.

Increasing the level of nitrogen clusters in the body provide ammunition to our immune system. Nitrogen is the bases of gun powder and similarly our cells bomb germs.

This nitrogen cluster is found in:

  • creatine
  • ures
  • guanine
  • guanosine
  • metformin

Nitrogen can be stored in proteins which is not quickly available for rapid immune response. We need to eat nitrogen multiple times per day for strong immune action against germs that enter our lungs. This give us free-nitrogen that is not bound up in protein structures.

Free-nitrogen stops high blood sugar levels. Free-nitrogen relaxes arteries to prevent high blood pressure. Free-nitrogen is the main supply of energy to the brain and muscles. Free-nitrogen is the key ingredient in a robust immune system.

Free-nitrogen is low in all types of illness, disease and old age.

Like gun powder made from free-nitrogen, it is used quickly and must be replaced for continued explosive energy.

Free-nitrogen can reverse health problems.

People who take metformin have improved health. Now metformin is becoming popular with body builders, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom - POCS, associated with all body cysts and cancer *germs"..

Our SHUCA amino acid powder contains urea, creatine as a dietary supplement to enhance the immune system.