Updated *August 30, 2020
  • zinc-glycinate*  -not zinc-gluconate
  • SHUCA-6*  -nitrogen blend from Rebound Health
  • metformin*
  • nitric oxide*   -see Chapter on this web site
  • ribavirin, used for hepC, see ribavirin page for further reading
  • lopinavir / ritonavir, used for HIV, found to not help, no benefit
  • interferon beta-1b, used for MS, not helpful once Covid is established
  • favipiravir (Avigan), seems to be working, posted here April 4, 2020, see favipiravir page for further reading
Only ribavirin and favipiravir have additional pages on this web site.

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By Jonny Tickle, RT
While experts across the world search for a vaccine to tackle the dangerous new infection, Russian health bosses have identified a trio of existing medicines to combat 2019-nCoV in adults.

The new coronavirus can be fought with ribavirin, lopinavir/ritonavir and interferon beta-1b, they believe. These drugs are typically used to treat hepatitis C, HIV and multiple sclerosis respectively.

The Ministry of Health advisory not only offers recommendations, but also describes how the treatments work and in what quantities they should be prescribed. The guidelines are intended for doctors in hospitals throughout the country.

there are currently 7711 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with at least one in every region of mainland China. So far, 170 people have died.

The new coronavirus has shown a sizeable genetic similarity with SARS, with one sequence comparison showing a match of 79.5%.