A family of RNA viruses with a star burst look

starburst A solar corona.

New virus                novel Corona Virus   -   2019-nCoV

With disease       COrona VIrus Disease  -   Covid-19

Now also called SARS-2.

Same as HIV (virus) causes AIDS (disease).

There are around 40 corona viruses.
A virus with a corona.

  • common flu
  • common cold
  • common fever
  • MERS - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
  • SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  • ARDS - Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome
  • Ebola - plain name
  • EVD - Ebola Virus Disease
  • EHF - Ebola Hemorragic Fever

Lungs are protected by a layer of mucus, a mucus membrane, but the corona, can pass through like a needle taking blood, or a mosquito sucking blood, spikes of corona to push through the mucus and find host cells.

Smooth viruses, no corona spikes, cannot bind as well, easy to cough, sneeze out, shorter lived.

Corona viruses with spikes are many, around 40 types, stick longer, make us sick for a week or two.

Novel corons Virus, is new, it has the corona spikes but binds to an oily part of our cells. It sticks like a boat anchor to become more of a problem than the older corona viruses.

There two know types of corona viruses.

  • Ones that attach to our cells calcium receptor (ACE1)
  • Ones that attach to our cells vitamin D receptor (ACE2)

Calcium is a mineral and needs binding. Vitamin D is one of the binding molecules.

Calcium is one of the minerals that initiates the stimulation of a cell
calcium will stimulate the nerves to the heart to speed it up, ending in high blood pressure
To de-stimulate nerves to the heart we take calcium channel blockers to block calcium
This calms the nerves to the heart and it calms or slows down, less anxiety of the heart.
The side effect: This also lowers oxygen getting into the body.
Lowering circualtion speed also requires more oxygen density in the blood, challenging the lungs
Lungs are stressed out by taking calcium channle blockers to lower blood pressure
People on calcium channel blockers are at higher risk of morbidity from Covid-19

This virus hyper stimulates the already stressed out lung tissues
vitamin D is oil based where Covid attaches which inturn weakens the oil membranes
They begin to bleed. Covid is a hemmoragic disease
The lungs develop specks of blood that on exray looks like 'broken glass'
The oil based ACE2 receptor gives the virus a much stronger binding with the oil
The virus hyper stimulates the cell to replicate while it has compormised oil membranes
We get extra sick from taking calcium channel blocker medicines for high blood pressure

Features of 2019-nCoV, comparing to other corona viruses

  • easier to catch
  • easier to recover
  • binds to cellular receptor - ACE2, a.k.a. vitamin D receptor

Our immune system can kill viruses, it just needs the right tools

The key tool of white blood cells to kill viruses is nitric oxide
Nitric oxide is made in all cells from free-nitrogen or a digested protein
carbohydrates, starch, sugar contain zero nitrogen to weaken white blood cells
There is a chapter on this web site about nitric oxide
Some nitrogen donor supplements:

  • urea
  • serine
  • histidine
  • creatine
  • hydroxyurea (carbamine)
  • metformin
  • arginine
  • viagra

Sudden high levels of free-nitrogen can give a dull headache
It seems like free-nitrogen consumes salt to leave us dehydrated
Best to take lower doses, multiple times, more salt and water to avoid headaches
We eat three times per day to get free-nitrogen from some foods

Some amino acids bind up and inhibit free-nitrogen

  • lysine
  • whey protein
  • isolated protein powders

Bottom note:
Vitamin K binds calcium into bones (healthy)
Vitamin D binds calcium into soft tissues (disease).
We are very brainwashed about vitamin D.