Two types

  • RNA
  • DNA

Named by sugar differences

Penta- means "5"

Dexter means "6"; dextrose - table sugar

Pentose Ribose Deoxyribose5

            Ribose       Deoxyribose

Ribose and Deoxyribose are 5 carbon sugars.

These sugars comprise the main difference between RNA and DNA.

"NA", Nucleic Acid, nitrogen based

4 variations of nucleic-nitrogen molecules

2 are Purines

  • adenine [A]
  • guanine [G]

2 are Pyrimidines

  • cytosine [C]
  • thymine  [T] (only DNA)
  • uracil [U] (only RNA

Thymine and uracil are similar


  • Adenine, Guanine


  • Cytosine, Thymine / Uracil


  • interlinks the sugar
  • completes the chain