Famous for low heart disease

The French are second place to Japan

  • The French eat 40 pounds of high fat cheese /person / year
  • Butter, whipping cream, high fat, not the low fat non-sense
  • no whole grains
  • no oatmeal
  • less pasta
  • white bread leavened with yeast first
  • lots of animal fat, butter, lard, duck fat
  • egg yolk sauce, Bearnaise sauce, smothered on food
  • little corn, canola, sunflower vegetable oils, boring taste

The 'actual' Mediterranean diet is healthy

High in these types of food:

  1. garlic
  2. Nitrates, nitrites, salami, sausage, 'cured' meats
  3. Omega-3 lipids derived from animals, fatty fish, red meat
  4. high fat dairy, whipping cream, butter-rich pastries
  5. unbleached white flour, pasta, pizza, a culture of white flour
  6. Omega-9 olive oil
  7. French people tend to be trim, less obese

Low in these types of foods

  1. whole wheat, oatmeal, brown breads
  2. omega-6 vegetable oils
  3. fewer carbohydrates, starch, pasta, beer
  4. less sweet vegetables, peas, corn, onion


  1. high fat food: meat, eggs, dairy
  2. less, nuts, seeds, starch, whole grains
  3. no oatmeal
  4. more garlic

Why aren't the French dropping like flies?

  • Because they eat sensibly
  • sit down
  • enjoy their food
  • de-stress with a glass of relaxing wine
  • listen to some soft music while they eat
  • not running while gulping a big soft drink constantly

The Internet is full of nonsense

Saying that the Mediterranean diet is

low in dairy?!?

  • Yes, France has a coast line on the Mediterranean sea
  • France has the lowest heart disease of any country second only to Japan
  • The French eat 40 pounds of cheese per person per year
  • Nonsense web pages suggest low dairy (Mayo Clinic!?!)
  • The French diet is possibly why the Mediterranean diet is famous

Almost no oatmeal

  • The French eat 1/4 the amount of oatmeal as American with high heart disease
  • The French eat 4x the amount of garlic

Low in red meat?!?

  • Mayo clinic fails again, Mediterraneans eat a diet high in red meat
  • Steak tartar
  • fatty duck liver, English: f w ɑː ˈ ɡ r ɑ: , French for '"fat liver"'

Nonsense web site example; Mayo Clinic - anti-health nonsense