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 Binds Calcium in 

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 Binds Calcium in 

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Calcium is

  • a hard mineral
  • conducts electricity
  • Stimulates nerve cells
    • Can stimulate pain signals
    • Can stimulate heart muscle
    • Can increase blood pressure
Fatty supplements

My biological understanding is that calcium is a mineral that cannot travel in the body alone and must be bound in place. We see this with estrogen binding calcium and then being trapped in the breast tissue where a pump moves the calcium into milk. In the prostate the lipid bases of testosterone also bind calcium to form a pubic bone that is not seen in women until menopause. This is to keep the pubic bone in women in the cartilage form for expansion during birthing.

Calcium is held in soft tissues around the body with the lipid that we call vitamin D. This lipid is like the other lipid vitamin E. But as I understand it the calcium is part of the hydroxyapatite, bones, by the lipid that we call vitamin K.

Vitamin K is found in summer green leafy vegetables and in winter in boiled bone soups.

vitamin D is a compact round molecule that is easily moved around the body.

However, vitamin K is a more filamentous molecule that can attach deep into hydroxyapatite / bone.



These long 'tails' embed into bones to hold the calcium.

In my experience, people who take large doses of vitamin D do not have good health because the vitamin D actually robs calcium from hydroxyapatite and stores it in soft tissues such as the joints to cause arthritis and arteries to cause cardio-vascular disease.

Capital-HealthCare is a bit of a conflict of interest. Healthy people do not need HealthCare.

Capital-HealthCare only makes money when people are sick, such as needing hip replacement surgery, and so they fund unending 'evidence-based' medicine that is fake at best to confuse the general population and professionals into extensive brainwashing.

I remain convinced that vitamin D causes inflammatory disease in all cases.

Vitamin K is actually what we need for bone quality.


With limitations.

All lipid vitamins can accumulate over time to become toxic.

This is seen with:

  • vitamin E

  • vitamin D

  • vitamin K

  • and others

Vitamin E shortens life span by as much as 26%.

Vitamin D can cause a massive heart attack.