Copper is a serious health threat.

Copper water pipes are thousands of times worse than fluoridation.

Copper builds up in soils growing vegetables from copper pipe irrigation. highly absorbed into vegetables, copper does not bother plants, loads up our food supply chain, destroys oxygen systems of lungs, heart, blood, brain, muscles, liver, kidneys, and fertility.,

Copper builds up in farmed animals to contaminate the food chain.

We drink water from copper water pipes. There is no way to filter or remove copper from drinking water.

Warm blooded animals are sick when copper is excessive.

Why is copper so bad?

Oxygen is the essense of moving animals.
Copper blocks oxygen delivery and metabolic activity.
HIgh copper gives symptoms of respiratory distress, anemia, jaundice.
The liver enzyme AST elevates with excess copper, AST is an original marker for cancer.
Low iron, low hemoglobin, low thyroid, asthma relate to high copper.

Copper blocks oxygen.

Copper messes up our metabolism:

  • Thyroid, air, food, water sterilization
  • Respiration, oxygen / CO2 balance
  • Circulation, water balance
  • Blood pressure, circulation, copper in plaque
  • Mineral balance, calcium, magnesium, sodium, hemoglobin (iron), Thyroxine-T4 (iodine)
  • Metabolic rate, blood sugars, insulin, thyroid, liver, kidney balance

High copper is found in autism, dementia, fatty liver, diabetes, cancer.

Warm blooded animals are sick when copper is excessive.

Copper in cancer, other reading sites;

Tumors grow blood vessels:
Targeting copper to treat breast cancer | Meyer Cancer Center
"copper boosts angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels, which solid tumors need to grow and metastasize"

Tumors grow in size:
Reducing copper level possible intervention for cancer ...
"Recent literature is pointing to a correlation of higher tissue levels of copper in some cancers."

Tumors spread (metastasize):
Cancer cells spread using a copper-binding protein ...
"a copper-binding protein (Atox1) placed itself at the leading edge of moving cancer cells"

Copper in cardiovascular disease;

Why Your Cardiologist Should Have Prescribed Zinc During ...
"The conclusion drawn from this study was that high copper and lower zinc tissue levels were associated with atherosclerosis." [hardening of the arteries]

Copper facilitates the Novel Corona Virus Disease;

Covid-19 lives; 4 hours on copper, 24 hours cardboard, 2-3 days plastic or stainless steel,

Zinc not tested, why?

  • Why do hospitals continue to use galvanized zinc in the food delivery carts?
  • Why are forced air heating systems in homes using galvanized zinc?
  • Why are air systems in hospitals made from galvanized zinc?

As intracellular levels of Zinc are increased the inhibition of viral replication can reach 100% 

Zinc losenges anyone? Zinc-bisglycinate supplements anyone?

Brainwashed: "Copper is good for you"

  • Added to multi-vitamins
  • Added to enriched wheat flour
  • Added to breakfast cereals
  • Added to sports drinks
  • Added to pet food

Capital Health Care - profit from sick people and pets.

Copper-Associated Liver Disease in Dogs - Clinical ...
"Excessive copper build-up in the liver can cause liver disease"

Pet Cancer On the Rise: The Battle Against Cancer
--- is the battle more about profit from pet cancer treatment than preventing pet cancer?

Swine flu
Pork contamination. High calcium levels of 1.7% in a basal diet containing 30 ppm Zn probably induced a marginal Zn deficiency which favoured the development of Cu toxicosis. [zinc-glutamine causes a zinc deficiency]

Liver disease
Severity of Cu toxicosis was assessed by estimating aspartate transaminase (AST) activity in serum, Cu levels in serum and liver, haemoglobin concentration and the incidence of jaundice.

Fluorinated drinking water is nothing as compared to copper water pipes.

Poison in the water, bottled water, tap water, irrigatin water, hospital water, farm water, global poisoning.

A global problem, excess copper.