Lysine is extremely toxic

  • Some say it is good.

Biologically very bad:

  • male infertility
  • hair loss, baldness
  • inhibits immune system
  • inhibits white blood cells
  • increases LDL cholesterol
  • bacteria use it for defense
  • plant seeds concentrate it
  • seed poison to deter animals
  • GMO increases lysine content
  • high lysine even makes the plant seed sick
  • causes severe nerurological disorders in animals

Lysine on it's own is okay

When lysine naturally bonds to arginine we are in trouble

Arginine is critically important for

  • growth
  • repair
  • immune

Lysine inhibits arginine

  • Without arginine we have auto-immune diseases
  • Viruses are destroyed when white blood cells use arginine to make nitric oxide
  • Nitric oxide is like gunpowder for white blood cells, T-killer cells
  • Viruses are not actually alive and so they tend to persist in the body
  • Our flora of viruses is called the virome, a large collection of viruses
  • High arginine and viruses tend to work their way to the skin surface, an outbreak
  • Taking lysine inhibits viral destruction and they peacefully re-enter into the body

Pancreatic enxymes to the rescue

  • serine protease
  • trypsin
  • digests lysine from arginine
  • restores immune, repair systems

Pancreas frees arginine from lysine

  • Our body does not make lysine
  • Yet it can make arginine
  • we need arginine, lysine gets in the way
  • bacteria learned to coat their cells in lysine
  • when attacked the bacteria release lysine
  • then it binds to arginine and shuts down the immune system
  • the bacteria become 'resistant' to the immune system
  • due to lysine.



Nitrogen, in blue, fuels white blood cells

  • white blood cells use arginine
  • make nitric oxide on demand
  • to kill infections, inflammations
  • lysine inhibits the immune system