• glutamate, fake meat taste, low fat foods, nerve damage, panic, anxiety
  • aspartate, fake sugar taste, low sugar foods, liver damage
  • ammonia, tissue destruction, brain, liver, intestine, bowel damage



  • Energy, Thinking, Strength
  • Hydration, Water, Moisture
  • Total health, Anti-ageing, Nitric oxide [TAN]

The urea cycle, in all cells except red blood cells, converts metabolic waste for reuse as urea.

The toxins that harm health, life, abilities:

  1. Glutamate
  2. Aspartate
  3. Ammonia


  • fake meat taste
  • hyper-activity
  • attention deficite
  • panic
  • anxiety
  • brain damage
  • dementia
  • loss of memory
  • stroke
  • glutamate, anxiety, panic, tremor, Parkinson's disorders, MSG, removed also by SGOT enzyme
  • aspartate, fatigue, artificial sugar, live disease, removed also by AST enzyme
  • ammonia, brain fog, liver disease, yellow skin, breath test, h.pylori, ulcers, nerve damage
  • MSG, soy sauce, pea protein, peanut oil, legumes


  • fake sugar, artificial sweetened foods and beverages
  • liver damage
  • chronic fatigue
  • low energy
  • tired all the time
  • lethargic


  • alkaline protein
  • metabolic toxin
  • inability to think
  • liver damage





Urea is circulated though all body fluids, especially amniotic fluid around a fetus and the brain, reduces germs, infections and cancer.

A major benefit to health and life.

Ornithine cannot bind into a protein and so stays free to go around and around.

Urea also cannot bind into a protein and os always stays available to the immune systme to produce nitric oxide on demand.

Nitric oxide is the organic bomb tool of the immune system to kill germs, control hydration, and ciruclation

Hydration keeps the pressure in the eye correct to avoid glaucoma and loss of vision as seen in elderly people.

Low nitric oxide is a symptom of old age. Boosting free-nitrogen prevents age related disorders.