<non-proteinogenic>  Cannot chain into a protein,   healthy


Affects mood, altertness

  • free nitrogen
  • alkaloid class of molecules
  • alkaloids can be psycogenic
  • neuro transmitter
  • trace amounts in mammal brains
  • up regulates serotonin
  • up regulates melatonin
  • increases thoughts / spirituality / care / concern
  • increases circulation
  • increases access to memories of past
  • increases hearing, hearing colors
  • increases vision, seeing sounds
  • component of psychedelic drugs [magic mushrooms]
  • increases the release of histamine


      benzyl ring

     gives stability and longevity to the molecule

Tryptamine increases the presense of hist-amine

When it looses the benzyl ring...


Histamine stimulates secretions, bowel movements as does serotonin.

  • short acting, reactive, no benzyl ring
  • opens up blood flow
  • allow white blood cells to attack germs
  • alergic response <analyphalxis>
  • rapid immune response to germs
  • increases itchy sensations
  • increases nerve / brain activity


  • make us sleepy
  • reduce immune function
  • reduce blood flow
  • increase seizures
  • reduce repair and re-myelination of brain cells
  • leads to dementia
  • loss of language
  • reduced inteligence

Trypt-ase, the enzyme that disables tryptamine

  • neuro enzyme
  • disables histamine
  • increased in blood 30-60 min after analyphalxis
  • calms nerves and immune activity