Virtually none.

very small trace amounts in food
food listings will switch to niacin or B3
health articles start with niacinamide, elaborate on nicain benefits
natural food contains niacin
niacinamide is fake nutrition

The main source of niacinamide in the diet:


  • dietary supplements
  • packaged cereal
  • enriched flour
  • Baked goods
  • energy bars
  • protein drinks
  • vitamin beverages
  • plant based protein
  • processed food
  • fortified pasta
  • fortified soup

Side effect:

  • no energy
  • brain fog
  • weak muscles
  • difficutly breathing

Authors of health bate and switch

  • they start out with the benefits of niacinamide
  • then quickly talk about niacin or B3 when quoting benefits and studies.

The reverse example: Mayo Clinic suggests that niacinamide can be toxic to the liver -- when taking niacinamide -- have regular liver tests. Public authors write that niacin is toxic and then tell you to take niacinamide, while referencing Mayo Clinic studies.

Many confusing names -- all may be called niacin, B3

  • nicatine amide
  • nicatinic amide
  • nicotinic acid -- the only healhy one
  • nicotinamide
  • nicotinamine
  • inositol nicotinamide

why is niacinamide used in fortified foods?

  • niacin can cause a skin flush
  • people think they are allergic
  • complain or return the food item
  • stop buying the fortification if it contains niacin
  • but heard how healthy niacin
  • look for it in foods


  • COOH is the acid in folic acid, amino acid, fatty acid -- healthy
  • niacin, nicotinic acid contains COOH


  • CONH2 -- carbon monoxide + amine -- not good
  • niacin-amide is an amine where the acid needs to be