All around, but not available

The atmosphere is 78% nitrogen

Air is full of nitrogen gas

How does it go around through life?

  1. atmosphere  is 78% nitrogen
  2. non-reactive as N2 gas
  3. Rain washes some into the soil
  4. Bacteria feed on N2 gas
  5. -binding it into the soil
  6. Plants consume the soil
  7. -binding it into simple molecules
  8. Rumen animals, fermentive stomachs, eat the grasses
  9. -binding it into proteins
  10. Humans eat the proteins
  11. -releasing it into tissues
  12. circulates bound to carbon
  13. converted to a gas
  14. by white blood cells
  15. -under enzymatic control
  16. to kill germs
  17. red cells match it to oxygen
  18. to open up tight arteries to go
  19. like the gas petal in your car
  20. -only when there is enough fuel "in the tank"
  21. so, "fill 'er up"; go long and strong