Inulin - plant sugar
high in wheat
provides cold weather resistance

  • wheat seeds
  • cereal grains
  • bananas
  • chicory
  • berries, fruit
  • nuts, seeds

Symptoms of inulin overload

  • irritable
  • anger
  • tired
  • panic
  • anxiety
  • brain fog
  • bipolar-like
  • mood swings
  • cannot decide
  • asthma attacks
  • sleepless nights

soluble in water, a soluble fiber,
provides cold weather resistance in plants
makes animals very sick

The disaster breakfast

  • Cereal
  • banana
  • fruit smoothie
  • blueberries

Disaster Dinner

  • pasta
  • wheat noodles
  • 9-10 tsp sugar per serving


  • anti-nutrition
  • digests very slowly
  • give wheat belly and
  • beer belly, fat, obese
  • chain of simple sugars
  • forms a complex of sugars
  • of the type fructans, fructose
  • key in gluten grain intolerance
  • highly contributes to diabetes
  • releases alcohol, addictive
  • fermenting sugar
  • panic, anxiety
  • hyperactivity
  • obesity

grain inulin-sugar ferments into alcohol, beer and malt whiskey, very addictive
fermenting sugars, inulin, relates to diabetes and cancer
Inulin-sugar, a fructan or fructose is a ketone-sugar, ketose
forms 'permanent' visceral fat in and on the belly, heart
cannot give energy, chronic fatigue
brain fog, low energy
poor leaning

Whne we eat wheat, banana, fruit at breakfast time
We have the whole day a roller-coaster of blood sugar levels
The liver and pancreas 'attempt' to  controll blood sugars
constant spells of being tired with brain fog
then we need to eat some sugar to regain
insulin havoc

All the day messed up just from the 'healthy' breakfast

An actual 'Healthy' breakfast

  • oil rich, brain lipids, egg yolks
  • oil rich animal fat, bacon
  • oil rich fatty fish, salmon
  • protein food, egg whites

bacon and eggs 

Why bacon and eggs?
Long life
tap/click here for more about this.

Low fat, high carb diet: "Evidence-based hegemony"
not based on biology, just fake studies
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Fat Fiction 1h:42m

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