it's not gluten

Way back.

Prehistoric people were scavengers. No hunting, no gathering. Moving constantly. Eating anything and everything that was found. Walking long distance for food became easier when shoes were invented. Clothes and shelter helped to protect from the elements. Over a long time collection and storage of food improved survival. Life was tough and short..

Fire and energy.

Fire was harnessed and life advanced. Hot fire kept us warm, scared away predators and killed food germs. Fewer germs in food gave less food poisoning, improved nutrient release, easier to chew, and with greater release of energy. Intelligence increased profoundly from cooked food. Less food was required and more free time developed society and culture.

Grounding grains

The advent of flour further expanded our food supply, energy satifaction and it was easy to store for long periods of time.

Circulatory stress, blood types.

All people were originally blood type O. Blood type O people are best suited to meat and potatoes (starch). Grains stressed out our blood and the A type antigen came to the rescue, common in Europeans. The French and Italians do well eating bread. Moutainous dwellers around Mongolia had less pasures for grains and ate more goat meat. Their dietary stress saw them develop B type antigens. AB type is not a dietary stress, found to first be seen when Asians mingled with Europeans.

Type O is the most common, declining. Type AB is the least common, growing in numbers.

  • Type O people tend to contact sports such as rugby, football.
  • Type A2, dominant A, subdominant O, listed A but function more like O (~15% of A types)
  • Type A people tend to be comfortable in small spaces and like tai chi and yoga.
  • Type B people tend to like moving sports such as tennis, baseball and bicycle riding or hiking.
  • Type AB people are more varied in diet and life activities.

Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo studied and wrote a series of booka about eating for your blood type.
Type A developed mostly due to dietary stress from eating grains.

Digestive turmoil.

No blood type fixes the stomach problems from eating grains. Our stomach is acidic and suited for protein and vegetables. Rumen animals the consume mostly grasses and grains have a fermentive stomach. We do not have the right stomach to handle grains of any type.

  • Acidic stomach for non-grains in dogs, cats, humans
  • Fermentive stomach for grains and grasses in cows, horses, elephants.

Whole Grain History

In the late middle ages the disease was named ergotism. Ergot is a French word, "disease from grass and cereal grains caused by a fungi". All grasses and grains are home to a variety of mold and fungi. They attach and live on the surface of the husk more when the seed is ripe and ready for harvest. The plant learned to thicken the husk to protect it's seed from the disease called "rust". A huge problem for agriculture. Hiden by bleaching.

Yeast loves to feed on grains, like when we make bubbly beer or bubbly bread. Gas and bloating.

Still today ergotism in livestock varies from year-to-year according to rainfall and temperatures. Extra moisture and increased temperatures cause more fungi to grow on grains and grasses. The middle age disease is still with us today.

Fungi on grains have many names [mycotoxicosis] dating back 100 million years ago. The isolated molecules to cause the stress and disease are alkaloids, similar to opium, heroin, LSD and other sedatives, halucinogens, mind altering drugs

White Bread Culture

Ergotism was fixed by eating white bread.
The husk and germ were carefully removed.

The life styple of the 1970's.

  • Trim,
  • energetic,
  • white bread and butter was culturally acceptable

Life was good.

Whole Grain Culture

Multiple stages of cleaning and grinding got in the way of corporate profits. They wanted to create a new customer that would buy a lower cost to make product for greater profit.

Marketing schemes were set in place. Tell people that "whole grains' were healthier. Fund some 'evidence based' studies to "prove" whole grains were better. Promote more "enrichment" of the nutrition. The beneftis of increased fiber. Massive lobbying of government, industry and the public took time. First they used the newly invented television starting in 1949 to overwhelm children to eat cereal for breakfast. Secondly they began to market to the the twenty years olds from the end of the 1970's that whole grain was better. Profits soared by grinding the whole grain without removing the ergot laced husk. It worked. Whole grains became a culture. .

More profit, throw the whole grain in, grind it up, add some sawdust, as done in the late middle ages, called 'enrichment'. READ the label. The stock market flourished (pun intended). Factory food was a success for the stock market.

Initially they dumped it all in, ground it up and bleached it white. Until someone noticed that beaching destroys all the nutrients. So they added some "enrichment". People avoided bleached flour. Costs went up so they chagned the marketing to tell people that the dark color was 'better'. More gains on the stock market.


"Most of the wheat's important nutrients are in the bran and the germ"

  • True for Capital-Health
  • Not true for biological-health.


  • bran, high in dangerous LDL-Cholesterol
  • germ, high in inflammatory triglycerides

Unbleached white flour has all of the bran and germ removed.

Capital-profits are reduced when the bran and germs are removed. 
We have been brainwashed and 'pay' the price to Capital-Health Care

Smart corporations knew to power and ease of brainwashing with cheap media.

Marketing has never been cheaper:

  1. Television, short lived ads, high cost
  2. Internet, long term ads, medium cost
  3. Social media, massive audience, little cost

A Corporate delight,

  • massive cultural involvement,
  • unbelievable distribution.
  • unlimited authors
  • volunteer ambassadors

History repeats itself.

  • Sick again from whole grains
  • Last time - ignorance
  • This time - capital gain
  • Media brainwashed people
  • Capital-HealthCare endorsed

Some say "gluten intolerant", alkaloid poisoning for sure.

Learn from history

  • Unbleached white flour, no additives
  • Culture of healthy

Notice the health and slimness of people in the 1970's.
They ate unbleached white bread and enjoyed a culture of good life.
Now we have strong marketing, eat whole grains and struggle with health and obesity.

History has good lessons.

Fat and Grumpy

Symptoms of ergot in whole grains:

  • fear
  • anger
  • hostility
  • arthritis pain
  • chronic fatigue
  • allergic fire (hot flash)
  • allergic rash
  • allergic itch
  • allergic sneeze
  • allergic cough
  • diabetic foot disease
  • diabetic eye disease
  • eczema skin problems
  • diabetes metabolic disorders
  • fatty liver indigestion
  • abdomen bloat
  • lunacy
  • anxiety
  • tremors
  • brain fog
  • paralysis
  • numbness
  • hallucinations
  • irrational behavior
  • personality changes
  • distorted perceptions
  • anemia
  • grey skin
  • skin disorders
  • vasoconstriction
  • loss of circulation
  • male infertility, ED
  • high blood pressure
  • cold hands and feet
  • loss of red blood cells
  • knee surgery
  • swollen joints
  • hip replacement
  • joint replacement
  • muscle waisting
  • malnutrition
  • weight loss
  • death

Nutrition + poison = anti-nutrition.

  • Learn from history

What to do?

Switch to
>> unbleached white flour, no additives
>> unbleached white flour, organic

  • feel the difference,
  • enjoy the energy,
  • see the weight loss,
  • smile at the world
  • hidden secretes

Further reading on seed (germ) alkaloids

  • ergot
  • lentils
  • opium
  • heroin
  • legumes
  • alkaloids
  • morphine
  • oxycodone
  • seed poison
  • poppy seeds
  • angiosperm plants, flowering & seed producing