Beef or chicken thigh, please.

  • Chicken breast? No thank you.


  • improved oxygen levels
  • It's all about oxygen
  • life

Red or dark meat

  • High oxygen ability
  • animals that can:
  • fly
  • run
  • swim
  • exercise
  • work hard
  • have stamina
  • recover easily

White or pale meat

  • Low oxygen needs
  • animals that:
  • tire easy
  • no speed
  • no strength
  • no staminina
  • difficlut recovery
  • chickens cannot fly

When sick:

  • pale
  • weak
  • exhausted
  • low oxygen
  • hard to recover
  • not feeling well

Temperature affects oxygen

  • Sleep better in a cool room, breathe easy
  • Cool or ice sports injury, releases oxygen
  • Cold water fish have improved oxygen performance
  • Hot weather zaps our energy, low oxygen performance
  • Fever reduces oxygen delivery

Exercise needs oxygen, increased breathing

  • White meat animals have low energy, low strength
  • Animals that swim, work, fly: red meat or cold environment
  • Animals that hold their breath, whale, porous, dolphin, otters
  • High level heme: iron, histidine, hemoglobin, myoglobin, pigments

Pigment characteristics

  1. a metal ion
  2. red <erythros> iron
  3. white <leukos> zinc
  4. iodine, purple rich colors
  5. magnesium, deep green plants
  6. metal held by a protein
  7. metalloprotein
  8. histidine, a residue of, tyrosine
  9. histidine, azole ring
  10. tyrosine, benzyl ring
  11. azole, often the ring of histidine
  12. aza, nitrogen in a ring of carbon
  13. amine, nitrogen at the edge of a molecule based on carbon
  14. Erythros-red Leukos-white


  • simple proteins
  • insoluble in plain water
  • soluble in moderate salt water; blood, milk, muscles
  • heat causes globulin to clump or coagulate when too hot
  • elevated temperature; fever, hot weather; less globulin ability


  • protein [globin] with iron


  • closely related to hemoglobin
  • heme transports oxygen