Acne can be difficult

Key thoughts:

  • The skin's immune system is based mostly on salt
  • Low salt, bad skin
  • The skin mirrors the liver
  • Fatty liver, fatty skin
  • Dry skin is a lack of urea, see urea cycle, nitrogen
  • Oily skin is often the wrong oil
  • Bad oil comes from plants,
  • plants cannot breath,
  • skin needs to breath H2O and NaCl
  • skin is a membrane that needs omega-3 animal oils, not vegetable cooking oils

Circulation is another thought

  • cold hands
  • cold feet
  • cold nose
  • grey skin
  • low hemogobin, see histidine, SHUCA, nitrogen
  • low oxygen, asthma, respiratory problems
  • transfer of oxygen requires NaCl, salt
  • skin needs salt
  • before fridges we sued to salt foods, eating 4-6 tsp / day, now not enough
  • the avoidance of salt for blood pressure is nonsense

Lipid problems are made worse

  • taking a statin for cholesterol makes fatty liver, sick skin
  • Good HDL cholesterol, lipid, is just that, good
  • Bad LDL, ergosterol, lipid, is the body of yeast, fungus, mold in the body
  • Sugar feeds mold, salt kills mold

Good looking skin is a sign of deep body, liver health

  • Acne bothers some people more than others,
  • more often happens to young people, hormones
  • hormones are a lipid, estrogen, testosterone are lipids
  • good oil, bad oil,
  • good lipid, bad lipid
  • omega-3 good, omega-6 bad
  • omega-3 animal oils
  • omega-6 vegetable oils