Sounds triple bad, but not

Breast cancers are mostly one of three types, based on hormones:

  1. estrogen
  2. progesterone
  3. HER2 protein

They test for these three first, if negative for all 3, it is called 'triple negative'.

These first three are hormones and testing them to be negative rules out a hormone based caner.

Understanding hormones

Hormones normally maintain breast cells in a steady state. At certain times of life, hormones up or down regulate breast cells. Pregnancy is highly regulated with hormones. As is the production of milk after pregnancy.

The conductor of all the hormones is done by the pituitary gland from the base of the brain. Like a conductor regulating a symphony to produce more violin volume, speed up the tempo by signalling the drum section to quicken the pace, or soften the music to be more melodic. The conductor is isolated, cannot see the audience, has prescripted information, and not aware of the wishes of the listeners.

Hormones work to create an expected rhythm of cells who cannot necessarily see or hear each other.

Interference in the music by a virus can do things like break the strings on the violins. The conductor signals for more volume of violins, doesn't hear the sound and signals wildly for more, but to no effect. Like broken strings in the thyroid and hyper signaled by the conductor sending out higher amounts of TSH - thyroid stimulating hormone. TSH is made by the pituitary to signal the thyroid to release more T4 into the blood. But the thyroid, like a violin, might have some broken strings, so the pituitary sends out a wild amount of TSH. So the surgeon cots out half the violin section and supplants it with canned music for the rest of the persons life [Synthroid, Levothyroxin]. I think it is better to put new strings on the violins and let the conductor balance fine music again [hormones].

Viruses, bacteria are deaf to hormones.

Bacteria can replicate on their own without a host. They are everywhere and seek to find food and shelter from the environment.  They are very comfortable tucked away in a warm host.

Our network of lymph helps to conduct anti-bacterial iodine from the thyroid down to protect breasts. A main route passes near to the armpit. When throat bacteria weaken the thyroid they also travel down to the breasts via the lymph system. Throat bacteria can also travel down to the breasts through the lymph system that passes near to the armpits. Because of this we find most tumor growths between the armpit and nipple. Surgical removal of breast cancers often have to include arm pit lymph nodes. A major role of thyroid function is to seed antibacterial iodine to breasts and ribs. Notice that we rarely develop arthritis in our ribs, thanks to the thyroid 'leaking' iodine downwards.

Sometimes bacteria can enter through a nipple but still most often between nipple and arm pit where the lymph system is more established.

Initially the bacteria just live on the surfaces of the ducts and lymph. Eventually they colonize into groups like a city and a lump can be felt. Bacteria have no digestive system the way we do so they like their food to be more tender like over ripe fruit, sort of rotten. To to this the lump of the city life causes pressure to cut of nutrients and oxygen so that the tissue begins to die, sort of over ripe and starting to rot. The bacteria are more comfortable and begin to grow faster.

Viruses are different than bacteria.

A virus doesn't look to eat. It just wants a free ride in making babies. To do this the virus enters the cell, attaches to the replication part that we know as DNA. Then the virus hyper-stimulates the cell to make babies like crazy. The cells are in distress, hyper-swollen and then the white blood cells move in to cause a traffic jam of white blood cells.

A big part of the immune system is to round up and coral germs. This is done by collecting germs form the lymph system, penning them up in lymph nodes, just like rounding up cattle into a coral for the veterinarian to doctor them.

Similar is seen when we have an infestation of viruses. The coral is not available like a lymph node so the body will build one out of white blood cells. This penning in is to stop circulation from carrying the non-motile viruses around the body. The packing in of white blood cells forms a barrier to stop spread the same we put a tourniquet around our leg to stop the venom from getting up to the heart and killing us. The

Harnessing germs into a coral keeps them apart and from spreading. We do the same thing where we self quarantine to stop the spread of Covid-19. Round up and coral to stop movement.

The white blood cells work day and night but often are overwhelmed, leaks happen and the germs spread. Time is important. Getting enough supplies to fight the germs can be a daunting exercise. Often we don't eat enough of the right foods to supply immune needs and we loose the battle.

We try to take drugs to help slow down the germs. These are the blockers and inhibitors. Killing the germs has big side effects and so is reserved for times like chemo therapy where almost all like is killed for a short time and then hoping the immune system can finish off the job. Unfortunately the immune system is harmed just as much as the germs are and we can get worse.with secondary infections.

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They just want to along for the ride and be replicated in large number by the host cell. A virus is not a complete life form and needs a host to make babies.Like opening a car door we first have to attach to the handle. This handle to the cell is called CCR5.

No, not the CCR - Credence Clear-water Revival band from the 1968 to 1972 era. No, I am not that old, I inherited the music records. Open wide, change feet, yes, I had vinyl albums, so I am, "nearly old".

CCR5 is an attachment site normally found on cell walls. This is where the virus attaches, and then opens the cell door to gain access to the interior sack called the nucleus.

Now the virus genetic material attaches to our own DNA and the virus stimulates the cell to hyper-drive and replicate like a reckless driver. Hyper-growth into growth that is faster than the cells around it.

Block the CCR5?

Cannot because our immune cells use CCR5 attachment proteins to keep us healthy. Medicines can block the CCR5 attachment protein but our immune system need the CCR5, like a space walk needs a handle to get back into the ship. CCR5 is predominantly expressed on T cellsmacrophagesdendritic cellseosinophilsmicroglia and a sub-population of either breast or prostate cancer cells.[18][19] 

of more viruses onto more cells. Some medicines can slow down the fast speed of replication. But, normal life requires cells to be constantly replaced every few years and so stopping all growth stops all healing.

Some radiation can kill the whole area into a melted mass of scar tissue. Surgery can try to find and cut all the infected cells out. It is nearly impossible to know where all the viruses are

Inhibiting the spread of newly reproduced viruses is somewhat pointless as there are billions of viruses circulating by the time it is diagnosed. These would be things like anti-virals that slow it down but a real cure.

Let us look closely at how the immune system defends DNA from germs and auto-immune diseases.

Firstly, what is a protein?

It is called a zinc-finger. The term 'finger' is that when amino acids chain to form a protein they often take on the twist as seen in the double chain in DNA. When they are really long they have to fold or bend to be compacted to fit inside a cells center sack, the nucleus.



You might inhibit CCR5 but this is still not a real cure, save money and just get rid of the infective agent, no need to slow the disease, just get rid of it through the immune system. Once infected we need to get rid off, kill, the unfortunate cell and rebuild a new one without the infection.The suicide of our cells is called apoptosis.

CCR5 is predominantly expressed on T cellsmacrophagesdendritic cellseosinophilsmicroglia and a sub-population of either breast or prostate cancer cells.[18][19] 

Let us just be plain frank, cancer is an infection, sometimes bacteria (e.g. h.pylori), sometimes virus (e.g. HPV), sometimes fungi ( candida), sometimes a looks-like-fungi-bacteria (e.g. mycoplasma) and sometimes a plain old parasite (e.g. toxoplasma). Big sigh.

Cancer is NOT a NORMAL cell gone wild, it is a normal cell in distress from an invader / toxin.

Let's fix the immune system to clear the toxin / invader which reverts a normal cell back to being normal. Maybe the invaded cell might just commit suicide (apoptosis) to end the disease and be replaced with a healthy new cell (youth-full).

How does the immune system fight cancer?

Well, sugar feeds cancer, and there is a lot of sugar in grains (inulin). Other names of the sugar:

  • FOS - fructo-oligo-saccharides, once thought to be healthy but not at all
  • ketone sugar, hello diabetes, hello cancer, hello bloating, gas, indigestion, fatty liver, fat belly, weight gain, just simple baggage that we cannot use, only plants make sugar, the keytone half is bad, the glucose half is good.
  • inulin, high in grains, causes gluten-like intolerance, bloating, gas, indigestion, weight gain, just get off the grains (except white rice)
  • white rice cannot feed cancer cells, cannot, not possible, said and done, will repeat often on this web site, period.

contrary to some thinking:

  • not starch
  • not rice
  • not potatoes

these are aldehyde sugars

Key difference:

  • keytone sugar feed cancer - fructose [half of sucrose, table sugar]
  • aldehyde sugars cannot feed cancer - starch, glycogen, glucose [half of sucrose]

What to do?

  • Diet change
  • Supplement change
  • prescription drug change

Obviously, what you have been doing allowed the disease to develop, just make a change,

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a definition of insanity.

Don't be insame, make a change.