The thinking part of the body

Even cells

  • A cell membrane controls the folding of DNA
  • The folded DNA has portions exposed
  • Exposed DNA is replicated in portions by RNA
  • RNA in nucleoside 'factories' replicate proteins daily
  • Membranes regulate raw material uptake

Membranes control which portion of DNA is replicated

And which proteins are made

And which amino acids are in the protein

Membranes think

DNA is not thinking

Nerve cells membranes do the job

Sensory nerve cells

  • receptor cell stimulation, start
  • stimulation transfer, on membrane

Myelinated nerve cells

  • myelination allows intermittent 'leakage' of electrons
  • the leakage allows cross signalling without outside stimulation
  • cross signalling allows 'choices' or 'thinking'