carboxylic acid - COOH

double ended COOH, dicarboxylic acid

dicarboxylic acids boil at a higher temp than alcohols, ketones, aldehydes of similar molecular weight

--- open chain aliphatic dicaroxylic acid, suffix -dioic acid

Systematic Name   Common Name   Carbon chain
Ethanedioic acid     Oxalic acid          2

Propanedioic acid   Malonic acid        3

Butanedioic acid     Succinic acid       4

Pentanedioic acid   Glutaric acid         5

Hexanedioic acid    Adipic acid            6

Heptanedioic acid   Pimelic acid          7


2 carbon, oxalate, strong dicarboxylic acid -- 75% of all kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate.


4 carbon, succinic acid, inhibiting fights fungi

4 carbon, malic acid, with alpha alcohol

4 carbon, aspartic acid, has alpha amine

5 carbon,

5 carbon, glutamic acid, has alpha amine

see for more information on dicarboxylic acids


single carboxylic acids

1 carbon, formic acid, ants, form-

2 carbon, acetic acid, vinegar, acet-

3 carbon, propionic acid, basic fat, propion-

4 carbon, butyric acid, rancid butter, butyr-

5 carbon, valeric acid, herb valerian, valer-

6 carbon, caproic acid, goat, capro-

aromatic acid, benzoic acid, benzo-