It's not the gluten.

Way back;

Prehistoric people were scavengers. No hunting, no gathering. Moving constantly. Eating anything and everything that was found. Walking long distance for food became easier when shoes were invented. Clothes and shelter helped to protect from the elements. Over a long time collection and storage of food improved survival. Life was tough and short..

Fire and energy;

Fire was harnessed and life advanced. Hot fire kept us warm, scared away predators and killed food germs. Fewer germs in food gave less food poisoning, improved nutrient release, easier to chew, and with greater release of energy. Intelligence increased profoundly from cooked food. Less food was required and more free time developed society and culture.

Grinding grains into flour;

The advent of flour further expanded our food supply, energy satifaction and it was easy to store for long periods of time.

Whole Grain History

In the late middle ages many people became ill. Their symtoms were pain, swollen joints, mental illness. The disease was named ergotism after the French word ergot, a debilitating disease caused from eating grass and cereal grains contaminated by fungi. All grasses and grains that grow in pastures are susceptable to a variety of mold and fungi. They attach and live on the surface of the husk more when the seed is ripe and ready for harvest. The plant learned to thicken the husk to protect it's seed from the disease called "rust". A huge problem for agriculture. Hiden by bleaching.

Ergot in the body is called LDL-Cholesterol. The proper name is LDL-Ergosterol, they are the same molecule.

Still today ergotism in livestock varies from year-to-year according to rainfall and temperatures. Extra moisture and increased temperatures cause more fungi to grow on grains and grasses. The middle age disease is still with us today. Some feel it as arthritis just before it rains.

Fungi on grains have many names [mycotoxicosis] dating back 100 million years ago. The isolated molecules to cause the stress and disease are alkaloids, similar to opium, heroin, LSD and other sedatives, halucinogens, mind altering drugs

The rise of white bread

The white bread culture started in the early 1900's. The health problems from whole grain ergotism was fixed by eating white bread. To acheive this both the husk (shell) and germ (seed) were carefully removed in a doulbe milling process. This added time and cost to produce unbleached white flour removed the side effects of egot..

The culture of white bread was strong in the 1970's.

  • Trim
  • energetic
  • culturally acceptable to eat
    • butter
    • whole milk
    • white bread
  • Life was good

The fall of white bread

  • Bleach
  • loss to good taste
  • destroyed nutrients
  • loaded with additives
  • excessive processing

Single milling the whole grain and bleaching it white was cheaper than double milling unbleached white flour. The taste was gone and sales declined while people began to understand the health limitations of 'bleached and fortified'. Flour produces needed for find a way to not have to go back to double milling.

Thh goal was to:

  • increase sales
  • promote whole grains
  • keep the single milling process
  • convince consumers of better nutrition

The culture of Whole Grains

The marketing campaigne paid off hansomely. People were happy to convince family and friends to only eat whole grains. People believed the fiction that whole grains have more health 'benefits'. It is now culturally inaceptalbe to eat whte flour products. Everyone got on the bandwagon while general health declined.

Sublte health issues such as:

  • autism
  • obesity
  • biabetes
  • brain fog
  • dementia
  • depression
  • joint aches and pains

People think they are gluten intollerent

When they are really sick from whole grains

  • Yes, gluten is a problem for some
  • but, whole grains are a problme for everyone

"Most of the wheat's important nutrients are in the bran and the germ"

  • True for Capital-Health
  • Not true for biological-health.

Biological truth:

  • bran, high in un-healthy LDL-Cholesterol (a.k.a. ergosterol)
  • germ, high in inflammatory triglycerides

Unbleached white flour is safe and healthy

  • all of the bran and germ is removed
  • yes, it might cost more and be harder to find
  • what is your favourite baker using?
    • bleached
    • unbleached
    • whole grains

Rents are too high for businesses today. Maximum profit is required for wages and taxes. Small operators cannot compete with 'whole grains' and people have been well educated to seek out whole grains thinking they are 'a healthier alternative'.

What is at stake?

  • Everyone's health
  • Quality of life

Capital-profits are reduced when the bran and germs are removed. 
We have been brainwashed and 'pay' the price to Capital-Health Care

Smart corporations knew to power and ease of brainwashing with cheap media.

Marketing has never been cheaper:

  1. Television, short lived ads, high cost
  2. Internet, long term ads, medium cost
  3. Social media, massive audience, little cost

A Corporate delight,

  • massive cultural involvement,
  • unbelievable distribution.
  • unlimited authors
  • volunteer ambassadors

History repeats itself.

  • Sick again from whole grains
  • Last time - ignorance
  • This time - capital gain
  • Media brainwashed people
  • Capital-HealthCare endorsed

Some say "gluten intolerant", alkaloid poisoning for sure.

Learn from history

  • , no additives
  • In the 1970's
    • slim
    • healthy
    • energized
    • Unbleached white flour
    • Culture of healthy
  • In the 2000's
    • fat
    • sick
    • grumpy
    • Whole grains
    • Culture of not-so-healthy

Fat and Grumpy

History has good lessons.
Symptoms of ergot in whole grains:

  • fear
  • anger
  • hostility
  • arthritis pain
  • chronic fatigue
  • allergic fire (hot flash)
  • allergic rash
  • allergic itch
  • allergic sneeze
  • allergic cough
  • diabetic foot disease
  • diabetic eye disease
  • eczema skin problems
  • diabetes metabolic disorders
  • fatty liver indigestion
  • abdomen bloat
  • lunacy
  • anxiety
  • tremors
  • brain fog
  • paralysis
  • numbness
  • hallucinations
  • irrational behavior
  • personality changes
  • distorted perceptions
  • anemia
  • grey skin
  • skin disorders
  • vasoconstriction
  • loss of circulation
  • male infertility, ED
  • high blood pressure
  • cold hands and feet
  • loss of red blood cells
  • knee surgery
  • swollen joints
  • hip replacement
  • joint replacement
  • muscle waisting
  • malnutrition
  • weight loss
  • death

Nutrition + poison = anti-nutrition.

  • Learn from history

What to do?

Home made bread with
unbleached white flour, no additives
unbleached white flour, organic, no additives

  • amazing taste
  • enjoy the energy,
  • feel the difference,
  • sleep like the old days
  • see the weight loss
    • eliminate phyto-strogen
  • smile at the world

Further reading on seed (germ) alkaloids

  • ergot
  • lentils
  • opium
  • heroin
  • legumes
  • alkaloids
  • morphine
  • oxycodone
  • seed poison
  • poppy seeds
  • angiosperm plants, flowering & seed producing

    Points to remember:

    Original brown bread

  • The dark husk is where fungi as a mold grows without fail
  • The fungal husk contains opiod-like substances
  • the fungal ergotism diseases appeared in history
    • joint pain
    • knarled joints
    • emotional distress
    • mental problems
      • anger
      • autism
      • dementia
    • fatigue

Unbleaches white flour, double milled

  • expensive
  • time consuming
  • potential loss of profit

Cheap white flour, bleached whole grain

  • Bleaching the dark fungi destroys nutrients
  • bleach destroys the taste and texture
  • additives to enhance taste and texture
    • a long list of additives and chemicals
  • Fortified with vitamins are incomplete

Repeat history

  • back to whole grain (brown) flour
  • single milling
  • no bleaching
  • grind up the whole husk and seed with fillers
    • The husk
      • dark fungi, mold
      • opiod-like particles
      • addictive
    • The seed
      • contains plant phyto-estrogens
      • a deterrent to animal consumption
      • causes immune deficiencies
      • reduces tissue repair abilites
      • confuses natural human hormones
      • reduces growth factors, impacts insulin
      • deters normal thyroid function
  • Whole grains have once again made us sick
  • History repeats itself