Bacteria produce an oily protective coating,

called Lipo-Poly-Saccharide - LPS,

also know as, "biofilm",

an oily slime coating for protection.

LPS will trigger white blood cells, leukocytes

to release a wave of zinc

to attack the biofilm and bacteria. 


LPS / biofilm is highly involved in disease & cancer


Vitamin D is an oily lipid

protects Covid virus from being killed

SARS-2-Covid-19 virus uses a lipid coating

The lipid vitamins; D & E help Covid


White blood cells use a zinc wave to kill Covid


zinc-gluconate does not work. WHY?

gluconate upsets the liver where zinc is absorbed, net zinc loss.


zinc-bisglycinate works. WHY?

glycinate is highly needed by the liver / gallbladder, happy liver grabs this zinc.




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